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Post-submission Chat

Hey everyone! I hope your submissions all came along well. I noticed that things were quiet around here, and thought it might be nice to let people vent about the good and not-so-good things that went on for them during the jam. Maybe people who are new to game jams might learn something or have some experience to share.

I'll say that, working with the Vive for the first time, this game jam was both a riot and a real struggle at times. Most of the work I've done is in VR, but using the Vive with Unity was a real treat. Maintaining a decent framerate at times was pretty difficult, though. What about all of you?

Kyle Hooks


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    Yeah this has been the quietest hackathon I've ever been in. It was hard to stay motivated for me without being able to see anyone elses progress, on top of the fact that I was building my archiact game as a side project while also trying to launch my REAL game on steam that I've worked on for the last 4 months. It was kind of useful to have a game in its early stages and a game in its later stages to bounce between, but in the end I really didn't accomplish all that I had hoped to.

    Also, while frantically testing my final build and struggling with the submission process, I ended up smashing my vive controller through my tv, so that was no fun! I'm now relegated to an old, small monitor that I had in the closet until I can save up for an equal or better tv. If this happens again I really hope the milestone deadlines will be on the weekend rather than on thursday. Thursday at 3 (pst) was really bad for me.

    But I got to experiment with the gameplay for hopefully my next game, so it was worthwhile overall. Although after breaking my tv I'm not sure if it's such a good idea after all...

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    Yikes, breaking your television with a Vive controller is not fun.
    Thank you for struggling through to all teams.

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